Review: STRANGER SKIES, Katje van Loon

Buy your own copy of this young speculative-fiction author’s second novel—you’ll want to read it again while awaiting the next volume in this series, The Borderlands Saga.

Van Loon’s remarkably sure hand with language and characterization sweeps us away to a land of unforgettable characters embroiled in a war against nature and culture, wolves and witches. The tender love story unfolds with delicacy; the mentorship story absorbs us as if we ourselves were students; the backdrop story of warring immortals provides an intriguing link to humans’ spiritual quests on Earth.

Nominated for the James Tiptree Award, Stranger Skies appeals to adventurers, romantics, Young Adult, LGBT, herbalists, nature lovers and most of all to friends of the wolf. Book yourself an excellent trip.

eBook available here.