A book-lover’s collective for celebrating local published authors and making Powell River famous as a book-crazy town!

The Pearl is a non-profit collective bent on fun with books and publishing. Any book-lover can take out membership and enjoy the perks—take a look at our categories of membership to see where you fit.

Although anchored in the Salish Sea on the coast of British Columbia, The Pearl welcomes grains of literary sand from afar as well. Check out the wide range of The Pearl’s activities—here’s where local book-lovers and authors can connect with the wider world of writing and publishing.

Just as the oyster doesn’t give away its pearl-making secrets, The Pearl is not interested in teaching you how to write or publish. We might get together to polish somebody’s finished pearl, or maybe even string a few pearls together, but that’s as far as the mentoring goes. The Pearl creates an ongoing festival for books nerds--enjoy!

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